06/05/2020 08:12 BST

Katy Perry Unveils Madonna-Inspired Maternity Look She Would Have Rocked At 2020 Met Gala

The singer shared the custom conical bodice Jean Paul Gaultier made for her to wear to this year's event.

Katy Perry had a custom corset to wear to the Met Gala, and she liked it ... so she posted about it on Instagram.

The Never Worn White singer shared an image of the custom bodice with a cone bra that she was planning to wear to this year’s fashion event.

The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City was postponed indefinitely this year because of coronavirus, leading stars like Katy to share the looks they would’ve worn.

The US singer is currently pregnant with her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom, so the bodice features a rounded part over the stomach to suit her changing body.

The 35-year-old captioned the post: “what would have been...”

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier created Perry’s look, paying homage to another one of his classic designs.

Gaultier created the now-infamous pink conical bra that Madonna wore on her Blond Ambition tour and debuted in Chiba, Japan, in 1990.

An iteration of the look debuted on the runway in 1987 and, after Madonna asked for Gaultier to design her tour looks, the pair later collaborated to create the silhouette that would become “so embedded within the canon of both pop music and fashion that it now requires little introduction,” according to Vogue.

Madonna performs with her dancers during her Blond Ambition tour on June 4, 1990.

Katy’s Madonna-inspired look would have been apropos for the fête’s proposed 2020 theme: “About Time: Fashion and Duration.”

Of the theme, Andrew Bolton, the Costume Institute’s curator, told The New York Times that fashion “is indelibly connected to time.”

“It not only reflects and represents the spirit of the times, but it also changes and develops with the times,” he said.