Pro-Kremlin TV Channel RT Should Be Taken Off Air Following Ukraine Invasion, Keir Starmer Says

The Labour leader said the move would tackle "Putin's campaign of misinformation".

Pro-Kremlin TV channel RT should be taken off air following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Keir Starmer.

The channel, previously known as Russia Today, is freely available to British viewers.

Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond even has his own chat show on the channel.

But responding to Boris Johnson’s statement in the House of Commons following Russia’s invasion of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, Starmer said the UK’s response should not be limited to economic sanctions.

He said: “Putin’s campaign of misinformation should be tackled. Russia Today should be prevented from broadcasting its propaganda around the world.”

The Labour leader pledged his party’s full support for the government’s response to the crisis.

But in a clear reference to Russian donors to the Conservatives, said it was also time to tackle oligarchs using their wealth to try and influence UK politics.

He said: “Russian money has been allowed to influence our politics. We have to admit that mistakes have been made, we have to rectify them.

“This must be a time to put an end to oligarch impunity.”

Starmer also said the west “must stay united” in the face of Russian aggression.

He told the House of Commons: “Yesterday was a dark day for Europe.

“We must all stand firm in our support for Ukraine. We support the freedom of her people and their right to determine their own future without the gun of an imperialist held to their head.

“There can be no excuses for Russia’s actions. There is no justification for this aggression.”

He said President Vladimir Putin fears democracy and knows that, given a choice, people will not choose to live under the rule of an “erratic and violent authoritarian”.

Sir Keir added: “So we must remain united and true to our values across this House and with our Nato allies. We must show Putin that we will not be divided.”

Responding to Keir Starmer’s comments, Anna Belkina, RT’s deputy editor-in-chief, said: “Always a joy to see western and particularly British politicians finally drop their hypocritical disguise in favour of open interference in institutions they touted as supposedly totally independent and wholly free from political pressure and interference.”


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