09/09/2019 08:16 BST

Celebrity Masterchef's Kellie Maloney Reveals She Was Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing On Set

"The paramedic said they couldn’t believe I hadn’t had a stroke," the former boxing coach recalled.

Former boxing coach Kellie Maloney has revealed she was rushed to hospital after collapsing on the set of Celebrity Masterchef.

Kellie is one of the famous faces who took part in the new series of Celebrity Masterchef, which began airing last week.

However, she has admitted that her experience was a particularly stressful one, culminating in her needing medical attention when she collapsed on set. 

Kellie Maloney on the set of Celebrity Masterchef

Mentally I got exhausted,” she recalled to The Mirror. “I wanted to go home but they wanted some more filming. The next thing I knew I was on the floor with all my fellow celebs and the judges around me.”

After being checked by paramedics, Kellie was told she had to go to hospital, despite her protestations that she “didn’t want to go”.

“When they took my blood pressure I was 240 over 180. The paramedic said they couldn’t believe I hadn’t had a stroke,” Kellie revealed. “I didn’t want to go to hospital but they said I had to and rushed me there in an ambulance.”

She added: “I was there for nine hours. I can’t remember much about that day. But I got some nice texts from Vicky [Pattison] and Greg [Rutherford, her Celebrity Masterchef co-stars] checking I was okay.”

Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images
Kellie at a Now magazine event in 2015

Despite a rather stressful time in the Masterchef kitchen, Kellie initially became a chef before her career as a boxing coach really took off.

In recent years, she’s also become known for her reality TV stints, which included an appearance on Celebrity First Dates and a stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house, for which she was briefly the highest-paid housemate in the show’s history.