Kellie Maloney

"The paramedic said they couldn’t believe I hadn’t had a stroke," the former boxing coach recalled.
Six figures to sit in a house. Not bad, eh?
This year has seen plenty of talk about how much the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates are earning for their stay in the
From Jackie Stallone and Pete Burns to Katie Price and Angie Best
They say that first impressions are everything, and this is definitely the case when you’re on a reality series like ‘Celebrity
Transgender issues have taken a step to the forefront of people’s minds in recent years but, in 2015, it was undeniable that
Barry Humphries is the man behind Dame Edna She added: “I can assure you, If I could have beaten it, I wouldn’t have put
Maloney worked with The Mirror to break the news She thinks she’s been lucky not to suffer much discrimination. “There’s
Caitlyn Jenner announced that she has the 'soul of a female' Jenner's revelation put trans people in the spotlight, but the