07/01/2020 13:36 GMT

Amanda Holden And Kelly Brook's Swearing Forces Heart Radio Bosses To Add Delay To Broadcast

Anyone got any soap and water?

Kelly Brook has claimed Heart bosses were forced to introduce a delay button when she and Amanda Holden joined the station last year.

Last year, Kelly became the radio station’s drive time presenter, and admitted that her loose tongue got her into a bit of trouble when she first started the role.

She told New! magazine: “I’d never done radio before Heart, so when I started I’d come out with stuff and my co-hosts would look at me and go, “I can’t believe she just said that!”′

Kelly went on to reveal that producers introduced a “dump button”, due to her and Amanda’s penchant for bad language.

Kelly Brook

She added: “We’ve had to have a dump button put in. Since Amanda and I joined there’s a delay. They never had that before. It’s in case one of us swears!”

HuffPost UK has contacted Heart for comment.

Of course, Amanda does have previous when it comes to live outbursts, dropping the F-bomb during last year’s Britain’s Got Talent live shows when one contestant’s routine proved to be bit too much for her.

Amanda Holden

Her stint on the Heart breakfast show has also racked up plenty of headlines in the last year, whether she’s speaking out about her ongoing row with Phillip Schofield, being shown up by her daughter or farting during a live broadcast.

Amanda also proved herself to be the queen of oversharing in 2019, most notably during an interview with Keith Lemon in which she detailed soiling herself during a night out.

Read Kelly’s full interview in the new issue of New! magazine.

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