06/05/2016 12:51 BST | Updated 06/05/2016 15:38 BST

Ken Livingstone Is Talking About Hitler On TV Again

Blames 'far right' Labour MPs for election results

Ken Livingstone was back on television talking about Adolf Hitler on Friday.

The former London mayor has been suspended from Labour for suggesting Hitler had once been a Zionist.

Livingstone told Sky News it was "far right" Labour MPs who had damaged Labour's local election campaign, not him.

"They have been planning and plotting all the way through the first part of this year to try and undermine Jeremy, to get bad results at this election, so they could attempt ta coup to get rid of him thats failed abysmally," he asid.

Presenter Dermot Murnaghan pressed Livingstone: "You messed it up for the Labour campaign with all your talk of Nazis being in cahoots with Zionists," he said. "He’s been damaged by you, Mr Livingstone."

Livingstone hit back. "What was disgraceful was embittered old Blairites who want to get rid of Jeremy and saw this as an opportunity to make all sorts of allegations and smears."

And claimed what he said about Hitler and Zionism was a "historical reality". "For a lot of people its a shock to discover there had been that relationship, between a small section of the Jewish community In Gemany and Adolf Hitler, but it's historically true."

Labour was pushed into third place in Scotland in Thursday’s elections and has lost council seats in England.

And following his Sky News interview, Livingstone made an appearance on the BBC. He again blamed Labour MPs who called for his suspension for Labour's result and also mentioned Hitler.

Livingstone said: "Sadiq [Khan] was running 16%ahead in the polls before all that anti-Semitism nonsense blew up and nationally we were 5 points ahead of the Tories not one.

"So I think it's definitly been damaging and I’d say to those Labour MPs who made that into a great issue, demanding my suspension, you have cost us seats all over the country."