26/07/2017 11:01 BST

Kendall Jenner Debuts Curly Hair, And The Internet Can't Get Enough

Acceptable in the 80s...and now 2017 💁

Kendall Jenner is making a case for bringing back the curly styles much-loved in the ’80s - but with a modern makeover.  

Jenner debuted the curly hairstyle on social media and it looked incredible. 

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday 25 July, Jenner’s hair stylist Jen Atkin shared a video of the model’s makeover. 

“When you have .02 seconds of natural light left, Kendall Jenner,” Atkin wrote, followed by a ‘love Sade though’ hashtag - seemingly giving an inspirational nod to the 80s singer, whose song can be heard on the clip. 

And Mary Phillips, Jenner’s makeup artist, got onboard with the look too by sharing a video of the reality TV star’s super shiny locks. 

“Kenny and these kurls today!,” Phillips wrote.

And social media users couldn’t get enough.

“Keep the curls, Kendall,” one posted. 

“OMG... that hair is major,” another wrote.