Gloucestershire Echo's Dropped Chicken Story Is Tugging At KFC Fans' Heartstrings Everywhere

They really know their audience.

Local newspapers are often a source of weird and wonderful stories, but the latest story to come out of Cheltenham is the best scoop we've seen in a while.

An eagle-eyed journalist spotted the potential for a story when they saw a full feast strewn across the floor on Cheltenham's St George's Place on Thursday morning.

The reporter also managed to locate a torn KFC carrier bag on a nearby street that may be related to the tragic incident.

In a bizarre editorial move, the local news site is now hunting for the unlucky diner who dropped their entire meal on the pavement.

The Gloucestershire Echo are now on the hunt for the unfortunate owner of the fried chicken, in hope of reuniting them with their meal. As if they would even want it anymore.

This latest story is almost as captivating as 2013's "Is this the biggest chip in Gloucestershire?" which caused a lot of buzz about a particularly large chunk of fried potato.

If you think you might know the victim of the spilled chicken incident, tweet the Gloucestershire Echo to let them know.

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