Top 10 Life Lessons We've Learned From Kids Films

Remember all those hours you spent watching movies as a kid? That's what we call getting an education.

When you think back to your childhood, hopefully you're awash with happy memories: ice cream rolling down your chin, imaginary games where you were a king, a queen, a pirate and a witch - all at once - and cosy evenings spent snuggled under makeshift forts watching movie after movie after movie.

Whether a cartoon or a live-action, a story about princesses or animals, emotions or journeys, kids movies have taught us a lot - and make even more sense now that we're adults. And what better excuse to watch them all over again than introducing your little ones to some of your favourite childhood flicks.

Let us help you prepare for a movie marathon with the top 10 life lessons we've learned from kids movies.

1. Work, work, work, work, work

Sure, Cinders got to the ball with the help of a little magic. But her kindness to others, determination to stay positive in the face of adversity and hardworking nature helped her on her way. Through all of the sweeping, cleaning, sewing, carrying and everything else she had to do, she didn't once complain.

Another life lesson from Cinderella? Having mice and birds as friends would be kind of amazing. Especially with those mad needle and thread skills of theirs - we'd never need to go shopping again.

2. Dream bigger

Toy Story is a beautiful tale of friendships and how jealousy and fear can threaten to destroy them. It's also about the power of dreams and remembering to follow them.

Whenever you're feeling deflated, Buzz Lightyear's mantra can help: "To infinity and beyond."

3. Embrace who you are

Yes, you may be different, but that's OK. As Elsa learns in Frozen, she only feels truly happy once she accepts herself, ice powers and all.

Happily for young girls and feminist parents, she doesn't need a boyfriend to show her the path to contentment, or tell her she looks good in that sparkly blue dress. Just look at her. She knows she's rocking it.

4. You don't need to be happy all the time

Inside Out is a movie that resonates as much with adults as it does with little ones, and one of the key messages is that sadness isn't necessarily a feeling we should brush away and fight against all the time - contrary to the theory that we should always put on a happy face.

One of the key lessons in the movie is that we need sadness to experience happiness, and we need to allow ourselves to hurt, cry or scream every once in a while. And yes, it's OK to let our friends cheer us up and give us a helping hand.

5. Girls can kick some serious butt

And victory tastes even sweeter when they defy expectations and show they can beat the boys, as Merida proves in Brave.

6. Don't let yourself be silenced

Sure, The Little Mermaid taught us about the power of our dreams, and never giving up on what we want most in the world.

It also showed that some sacrifices just aren't worth making - no matter what the reward. Most importantly, you should never compromise who you are and you should always make yourself heard.

7. Follow what you love

While a rat in the kitchen preparing Michelin-starred meals might sound stranger than fiction, rejection and being told that you can't do what you love is a part of everyone's growing-up story.

Ratatouille illustrates the power of following your dreams in a humorous way, also showing that you need perseverance and commitment to get where you want to be. It also magically makes us forget that rats in the kitchen are gross. And has us wishing we went to culinary school.

8. Books can change your life

There's nothing more powerful than the moment a child learns that books are a gateway into another time and another world, not to mention endless hours of enjoyment.

The Neverending Story takes Bastian - and us - on the adventure of a lifetime, showing that imagination and a really great story can help us discover things we only ever dreamed about.

9. Parents aren't perfect

As far as parenting mistakes go, not telling your child they have a sibling is kind of a big no-no. However, discovering you have a long-lost twin would be AWESOME (especially if you were 12, it was Lindsay Lohan and we were in The Parent Trap).

10. Take risks

In Tangled, Rapunzel is feisty, curious and clever. She's also scared and trapped, having never experienced fresh air or freedom. But she's interested in everything, and since she's read every book and painted every thought, she has a pretty good skill set for surviving in the real world.

When she does leave her tower - against her mother's wishes - her dreams start to come true and she discovers her true destiny. Sometimes in life, you just need to take a chance.

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