Life Lessons

It all comes down to a balance in the end. I am all for there being a more accessible way in which a will can be completed and for a pragmatic approach to handling errors. That being said, when flexibility is added vulnerability always appears and the risks must be managed.
When we are hurt, feel pushed to respond, and others tell us what to do, it is important to listen to our inner voice and follow our intuition. But often it is not as easy and as straight forward as that.
This is probably one of the most important things I discovered about myself while travelling. I was never one to spend hundreds of pounds on clothes, but I'm definitely guilty of frittering money away on silly things...
Regrets are human, we all have them. If not managed carefully, regrets can cause self-loathing, anxiety and depression. What to do, when we struggle with regrets?
Making peace with another or in the world - we all talk about it. But are you at peace or at war with yourself? Do you know and do you care? Does it matter?
Always one to speak of forgiveness, of dialogue and freedom, Mandela has been an inspiration for many.
Maybe it's time that we turn from being worriers to warriers.
'The only thing you will ever regret not owning is your happiness.'
Here’s to owning your happiness in 2017. [H/T Distractify] Read more on The Huffington Post Ekhoff’s thread was retweeted
For the past few years, I have noticed - more than ever - that I hear about stories of young entrepreneurs and their successes. I have a board of advisors for DatePlay, who helps me make good decisions and who I call upon whenever I need guidance. None of them are millennials. They are all in Gen X.