13 Life Lessons From The Gilmore Girls That Still Stand

Rory is our spirit animal.

It’s been 16 years since the first episode of The Gilmore Girls aired, but now Stars Hollow is back on Netflix, and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

We might have grown up (sort of) but all the life lessons from the ultimate mother-daughter show are still so relatable over ten years later.

Oh Lorelais, we’ve missed you.

1. Save your virginity for someone you love (and isn’t already married).

Still so awkward.

2. And don’t lose it on a beach.

Lane and Zack we’re looking at you.

3. Your baby daddy will always be a flake.

Christopher, you’re a bozo.

4. You should marry the guy who builds you a chuppah.

Even if he’s building it for you to marry someone else in.

5. We still always want to be Miss Patty when we grow up.


Who wouldn’t?

6. Bad boys are bad for us but we still always fall for them.

Team Jess all the way.

7. Your mother will always outsmart you.

In every situation ever.

8. Having an interest in politics is cool.

Rory was backing Hillary Clinton way before everyone else.

9. Never steal a yacht because you’re upset.

Especially when a boy tells you it’ll be fine...

10. Don’t sacrifice your career and hard work to move across the country for a man.

Oh Rory, you go girl.

11. Don’t lie about having a vasectomy.

Jackson, we’ll never forgive you.

12. Always carry a book in your clutch bag.

Reading is cool, yo.

13. It’s not your place to tell others how to parent (especially not Mrs Kim).

Keep it to yourself Lorelai.