'Life Stripped Bare': 14 Lessons Learned From Channel 4's Nudity-Filled TV Show

2. Being naked is terrifying.

The average Brit owns 1,000 items and checks their phone 200 hundred times a day. It's pretty excessive, to say the least.

So what happens when three households abandon all of their possessions to find out what they really need to make them happy?

In Channel 4's 'Life Stripped Bare', which aired last night at 9pm, people's possessions - including their clothes and furnishings - are stripped away for 21 days. They cannot buy anything apart from food and drink.

They must carry on with their daily routines - work, relationships and social lives - albeit butt-naked with nothing.

Each day, they are allowed to bring one item back into their life. Unsurprisingly, complete and utter chaos ensues.

Here are some learnings from the show...

1. We take our clothes for granted

Without them, you are a very bare human being. A canvas stripped of everything.

Plus, it's cold.

Channel 4

2. Being naked is terrifying

Nothing matters anymore because everyone can see your bits and it's the worst thing ever. WHY LORD, WHY?

3. Wearing leaves becomes a viable fashion option

Sadly, it's not a very practical fashion option. I mean, how on earth did Adam and Eve ever fasten those leaves around their bodies?

Big Cheese Photo via Getty Images

4. Nakedness scuppers social plans

That yoga session you planned? Or the bar trip with mates?

Yeah it's not going to happen.

5. In fact, it turns humans to putty

Super vulnerable, naked putty.

6. Onesies top the list as the most essential item. Ever.

They're warm, they cover your bits, they help you stay cosy when you sleep. Multi-purpose designing at its finest.

7. When you don't have anything, what you do have becomes everything

That big bit of fabric that's keeping you covered from the world is suddenly the most important thing ever.

Channel 4

8. Your priorities change

When you're naked, life isn't about catching up on social media anymore, it's about trying to not get your bum seen by clothed strangers in the street.

9. It is possible to survive without Instagram

Social media who? Where the f*** are my trousers?

10. Having nothing can help you make new friends

Forget walking down the road and gawping at your phone, when you have nothing you actually speak to people - and it's really quite wonderful.

11. Bowls are actually more essential than pants

Eating > keeping your genitals warm.

12. Spiralisers are really quite crap

In the grand scheme of things, spiralising your veg is not - and never will be -essential. The same goes with all your other hipster rubbish.

AnthiaCumming via Getty Images

13. Your stuff doesn't define you

In fact, it might even hold you back.

14. Having fewer possessions isn't so bad after all

"Usually I'm afraid of everything. I'm afraid of being bad at my job, I worry about what people think, I worry about what to have for dinner," explains Heidi, who stars in the show.

"And today, literally for the first time ever, I thought, 'Do you know what? I don't care'."

'Life Stripped Bare' airs on Tuesday 5 July at 9pm on Channel 4.