13 Life Lessons You Learnt From Your Parents (And You Hate To Admit They Were Right)

Yes, yes, they told us so.

Now we are all mature adults, we can admit that maybe (sometimes) our parents might have been right.

Their parental wisdom might not have always been well received the first time round, but we have to confess these life lessons really have stuck with us.

That’s not to say we actually listen to the advice...

1. Mixing drinks is a form of self torture

2. Ironing isn’t an optional extra

3. Marmite and eggs on toast is a breakfast of champions

4. Never trust a date who doesn’t drink

5. Start a pension sooner rather than later unless you want to work in your eighties

6. Getting an early night isn’t the worst idea

7. Care less what people think of you

8. You learn the most from your own mistakes

9. Clean the BBQ after you use it, not in six months time

10. You don’t have to maintain relationships with people that make you a sadder version of yourself

11. Always take a jacket

12. Keeping lists is the only way to get sh** done

13. Being happy is the only thing you really need to achieve in life