07/06/2019 06:00 BST | Updated 07/06/2019 09:27 BST

Killing Eve Series 2: From Villanelle's Backstory To Eve's Dark Side, The 8 Things We Need To See

Expectations for the new season are sky high following its US debut.

It has been one of the most anticipated TV shows of the year, but the wait for Killing Eve series two is almost over. 

The hit BBC drama is returning to our screens this weekend, with all of the episodes then being dumped on the iPlayer for us to all devour at our leisure. 

After the show set records for the BBC’s streaming service last year, expectations for the second run are sky high – especially after it received glowing reviews when it aired in the US. 

With that in mind, here are the eight things we want to see from the new episodes...

1. Plenty more scenes between Eve and Villanelle 


The most electric moments of the first series were when Villanelle and Eve came face-to-face, but following that altercation in the final episode, you might think that any further meetings would be limited given Villanelle is probably feeling rather vengeful.

But it seems our hopes for more interaction between the two characters will come into fruition, as Jodie Comer has revealed Villanelle does not react to being stabbed in the way we might expect. 

“People already have ideas, but what she actually does could be surprising,” she teased. 

“They spend a lot more time in each other’s company as their two worlds collide, and it shifts the energy of the show. But whether that’s something Eve is happy about is another question. Villanelle is thrilled!”

Us too. 

2. An answer to who The Twelve are

The Twelve are the mysterious organisation who recruited Villanelle and are those ordering the assassinations, but very little is actually known about them. 

What we do know is the result of their ultimate plan is “chaos”, but what form does that take?

Given The Twelve has been a big – if not the biggest – question throughout the first series, we’re probably not going to get all the answers in the second run, but we can hope, right?

3. Lots more fashion


Aside from *that* shirt-jumper, the first series was full of fabulous fashion.

Villanelle’s tulle dress inspired a whole host of looks over awards season earlier this year, so we’re hoping to see some similarly iconic looks dreamed up this time around. 

4. More interiors

On the theme of aesthetics, the locations used in the first series were also stunning – something that owed a lot to how gorgeously decorated the sets were. 

But with the action taking place in locations including Basildon this time around, we hope the decor is still as stunning as that featured in the likes of Paris and Rome. 

5. Accents, accents, accents


Jodie Comer is the queen of accents (she deserved that Bafta for them alone), having mastered a plethora for the first series in order to play the murderous Villanelle, who goes by many guises. 

With her now having covered most of the more obvious European ones, we’d love to see her take on some perhaps more left-field ones like Australian, Cockney or South African. 

We don’t anticipate hearing her native Liverpudlian accent though, as Jodie recently admitted she doesn’t like using it when acting. 

Speaking at a Q&A event, she said: “Some are a lot harder than others, don’t get me wrong, and you have to concentrate and work [on them].

“But for me it helps me because when I’m doing my own accent I find it harder to separate myself from the character, for some reason, I don’t know why.”

6. An exploration of Villanelle’s backstory

Anyone who has read the books will know that there’s a lot more to know about Villanelle that hasn’t yet been explored on screen. 

Her childhood and upbringing is catalogued in the novels and her history is begging to be tapped into – just how did Villanelle become the intriguing and fiendish character we now know?

However, there’s already been some nods to her past, with her minder saying ‘Your family are dead’ at one point in the series, to which she responded: “Most of them are...”. Could there be more to come on this topic?

7. To see how dark Eve’s character can go


Given that she stabbed Villanelle in the final episode of series one, we already know Eve is capable of sinister acts. 

Now she’s an attempted murderer herself, Sandra Oh has already teased that we can expect to see a darker side to her character this time around. 

Intriguingly, she recently told Press Association: “For me, for Eve, it’s definitely about going darker, really going darker. 

“In some ways, it’s like in season one Eve is kind of opening up and beginning to figure things out and season two is going right down.

“It’s almost like season one she’s like ‘there’s some kind of rabbit hole, what is that?’. She plunges into it in season two.”

Could we end the series with two villains on our hands, rather than just the one?

8. To find out what Carolyn is up to


MI6′s Russia boss is an intriguing one, as at various times throughout the first series, we were forced to question her allegiances, especially when it was revealed she’d had an affair with Villanelle’s handler Konstantin. 

But what was even more curious was her covert meeting with Villanelle while she was in prison, which was quickly followed by her decision to disband her unit. 

So where do her loyalties really lie? Could she even be a member of The Twelve?

Fiona Shaw, who plays Carolyn, isn’t giving anything away though, as she said that “no-one is ever sure of anyone’s side in this show”. 

“In theory they’re all working together, but the weird pivot of this is that sometimes you only tell people information on a need-to-know basis,” she explained. 

Killing Eve returns on Saturday 8 June at 9.15pm on BBC One.