Killing Eve: 8 Very Important Questions Series 3 Episode 1 Has Left Us Asking

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are back as Villanelle and Eve Polastri.

Never has the return of a show been as welcome as Killing Eve’s.

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are back to distract us all from the world outside as Villanelle and Eve in the third series of the hit BBC drama, the first episode of which hit BBC iPlayer in the early hours of Monday morning.

Its release was brought forward amid the coronavirus pandemic, and revealed that Eve had survived being shot by Villanelle in the series two finale.

But as the two women tried to move on with their lives after the events of Rome, The Twelve had other ideas, with Villanelle thrust back into action and Eve witnessing their latest crime.

Here are the eight very important questions we’re asking at the end of this week’s instalment...

What is Villanelle and Dasha’s history?

BBC/Sid Gentle

Villanelle was less than happy – to put it mildly – to see Dasha pop up at her wedding, and it was later revealed that Dasha had trained Villanelle to become an assassin. But what happened between them to cause Villanelle to react the way she did when she saw Dasha again?

Does Villanelle really not know Eve is alive?

BBC/Sid Gentle

There’s not much that gets past Villanelle normally, so how can she not have realised Eve survived being shot?

Will we see Hugo again?

As Carolyn received a telling off from her bosses over the way she was running her department, it was revealed Hugo was suing MI6 for the injuries he sustained during the unauthorised operation in Rome. We’re guessing this means he’s no longer with the secret service, but could he still return to the story?

Does a new boss spell trouble for Carolyn?

BBC/Sid Gentle

We’ve never trusted Carolyn since her history with Konstantin was revealed, with some fans believing that she could be a member of The Twelve.

Now there’s a new boss on her case, is it a matter of time before some skeletons start spilling out of her closet?

What’s happened to Nico?

BBC/Sid Gentle

There had been speculation whether Nico had made it out of the storage container alive, after Villanelle locked him in there with his colleague Gemma’s bound and suffocated body, but this episode revealed he had survived. However, his current circumstances remained rather unclear.

His and Eve’s marriage is now hanging on by a thread, but it appeared as if he was living in some sort of facility, where Eve was seen visiting him. And when Kenny had earlier asked Eve how Nico was, she simply replied “Well, you know...”. So, just what has happened to him? Is it a case of PTSD after Villanelle’s attack, or something else?

Why is Eve not living in her home?

While Nico is away, we can’t quite understand why Eve isn’t living in their house. While a scene between the couple revealed it is being sold, they haven’t even exchanged contracts yet, which means that Eve still has the right to live in the property. So why the hell is she living in a dank bedsit?

Was Eve deliberately trying to wind us up with the loo roll scene?

Seriously Eve, read the room.

Who pushed Kenny off the roof?

BBC/Sid Gentle

With Kenny still investigating The Twelve despite having left MI6, he soon found himself pushed off the roof of his office building. We can only assume his death was ordered by The Twelve, but who did they get to do it?

Konstantin would be a likely candidate seeing as he was in London, but surely he wouldn’t do that to Carolyn given their history? Or in a shock twist, could it have been Carolyn, given many have suspicions about her being connected to The Twelve?

Episode two of Killing Eve drops on BBC iPlayer next Monday at 6am.


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