14/02/2017 12:21 GMT | Updated 14/02/2017 20:21 GMT

Kim Jong-Nam, Half-Brother of North Korean Leader, 'Assassinated With Poisoned Needle' In Malaysia

Kim Jong-Nam is said to have been poisoned by two female spies.

The older half-brother of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, has been assassinated in Malaysia according to reports.

Kim Jong-Nam, 45, is said to have been poisoned by two female spies using a needle at Kuala Lumpur airport on Monday morning.

The assassins are believed to have been North Korean operatives and fled the scene in a taxi.

A source close to the Malaysian prime minister’s office said police were still waiting for an autopsy.

There has been no official comment from North or South Korea yet.

Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest son of the late Kim Jong-il but did not live in North Korea instead living in exile in Macau until 2011.

He then went into hiding apparently for fear of his life as his younger brother, by then the North Korean leader, saw him as a threat to his own rule.

Until 2001 he was the expected heir to his father but a bungled attempt to enter Japan.

Kim Jong-Nam and his family were travelling on false passports and told officials he wanted to visit Disneyland.

He was deported to China who accepted him to avoid a diplomatic incident.