12/10/2017 09:33 BST

Kim Wall Murder Sees Police Test Saw Found By Divers Near Submarine Route

Police are still searching for journalist's arms.

TT News Agency / Reuters
Police investigating the murder of journalist Kim Wall have found a saw

A saw has been found by police divers investigating the murder of journalist Kim Wall whose dismembered body was found in the sea off Copenhagen.

The 30-year-old disappeared in mysterious circumstances after setting off on Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s homemade submarine on August 10.

Madsen has been detained and charged with killing the Swede. He denies the charge and claims her death was an accident.

According to Danish media, police found a saw in Koge Bay, between Copenhagen and Sweden, which was near the route that police believe the pair sailed.

PETER THOMPSON via Getty Images
A photo claimed to show Wall standing next to a man in the tower of the submarine

The saw is now being examined by forensic experts, Copenhagen Police Deputy Chief Inspector Jens Moller Jensen announced at a press conference. 

Police are still looking for Wall’s arms. Her head, legs and torso have previously been recovered. 

Wall’s headless torso washed up on August 21 on an island near Copenhagen.

The charge sheet alleges Madsen cut Wall’s body into pieces, punctured her torso and tied pipes to it to make it sink to the bottom of the sea, CNN reported.