Celebrity Big Brother's Nicola McLean Accused Of Crossing A Line With Kim Woodburn Jibe

Viewers were shocked at her outburst.

Nicola McLean delivered a low blow to Kim Woodburn during a furious row in Monday’s (23 January) ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

During the week and a half she’s been in the house, Kim has been at the centre of more arguments than we could possibly begin to count, whether she and Spencer Pratt are feuding over a sliding door, or she’s being led out of the house by a security guard after going up against Jamie O’Hara.

However, things took a sudden turn during her most recent slanging match with Nicola, who delivered a line that some viewers have suggested was rather below the belt.

Nicola McLean
Nicola McLean
Channel 5

With Nicola already fuming with Kim, who she accused of calling her a “bad mum” in a previous row, the two clashed once again, with the former ‘How Clean Is Your Mum?’ presenter telling her: “Grow up, you’re a mum.”

The former glamour model then spat back: “And you’re not, that’s your problem. If you wanna go low, I’ll go lower.”

Kim Woodburn
Kim Woodburn
Channel 5

‘CBB’ fans were quick to suggest that Nicola crossed a line with her flippant comment, particularly given that Kim has a history of stillbirth, which she documented in her autobiography, ‘Unbeaten’, back in 2006.

Last time the two went head to head, the rest of the housemates wound up involving themselves, including Jamie O’Hara, who leapt out of bed to confront Kim when she branded him a “chicken-livered bugger”.

As they continued to swap insults, she referenced his past infidelities, branding him an “adulterer”.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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