Touching Moment Kind Half-Marathon Runners Help Exhausted Woman Finish Race

It'll restore your faith in humanity.

The touching moment three half-marathon runners helped another runner cross the finishing line has been captured on film.

Bryan Crnkovic was running the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon when he spotted a woman near the end of the race who looked like she was about to collapse with exhaustion.

Crnkovic, wearing a green t-shirt, stopped in his tracks along with a fellow runner wearing a blue gilet. The pair took each of her arms and, together, helped guide the woman towards the finishing line.

As they neared the end, the woman’s legs appeared to buckle from underneath her. At this point, another runner - Joseph McGinty - picked her up and carried her to the end.

A few steps before the finish line, he put her down on the tarmac again so she could finish the race herself. She was then offered medical assistance.

Crnkovic told Fox 29: “It was about 100 yards from the finish line and as I was coming up I saw that her legs were giving out so I just grabbed her just before she fell and tried to help her along.

“It was me and another gentleman, then Joe came back and lifted her up to just before the finish line and let her cross on her own.”

Since the video was shared on Facebook on 27 March, it has been viewed more than 19 million times.

Writing on the Fox 11 Los Angeles Facebook post, Julie Merrifield Bagwill called the act a “great vision of humanity”.

“It’s not just the race, but it’s about carrying, helping others to finish with you! Great job to all,” she wrote.

Jessica Lopez said watching the video reduced her to tears.

Ima Qtee said: “I’m glad to see there are still nice people with a great heart out there [sic], this is more than just a race, it’s about how you help others hand-in-hand to get to the finish line together. Bravo!”