King Charles Is Very Much In On The Sausage Finger Jokes... And Even Joins In

New footage from an upcoming BBC documentary shows the royal joking about his hands.

This Boxing Day (December 26th), the BBC is airing a documentary about King Charles, “Charles III: The Coronation Year” and in it, viewers can expect what the BBC has described as a “warm and sympathetic account of the new reign”.

The documentary will be avoiding any controversial moments from the past year and instead offer an inside look at the new King and Queen as a couple as they experience their newfound responsibilities.

Today, ITV’s Royal Respondent Chris Ship has revealed on X that in one moment, the King takes a moment to laugh at his “sausage fingers” with son William whilst rehearsing for the coronation.

King Charles’s fingers have had... quite the viral moment

The documentary follows the build-up to the King’s coronation ceremony in May. As there were many rehearsals leading up to the big day, a replica part of Westminster Abbey was built inside of Buckingham Palace to ensure that participants could keep practicing.

In one of the final rehearsals, which was actually in the abbey itself, a moment between father and son was captured, with William supporting his father in dressing in the ceremonial robes.

As William struggled to fasten one of the buttons, Charles told him not to worry, as he does not have “sausage fingers” like his father.

King Charles’s fingers have had many-a viral moment over the past few years, thanks to how swollen and red they are. The coronation only brought this back to the forefront of our minds with some TikTokers even producing songs about them.

Why does King Charles have sausage fingers?

According to Dr David Reiner on TikTok, there’s likely a biological reason for their appearance. In a video that’s no longer live on the site, Dr Reiner said that the new monarch’s lymphatic system might not be working correctly and that fluid is getting stuck outside the blood vessels causing the extreme swelling in his fingers.


Charles III: The Coronation Year is on BBC One and iPlayer, 26 December at 6.30pm.


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