Oh Good – You Can't Even Escape The Coronation Underground Now

It’s giving "Every move you make, I’ll be watching you."
Charles and Camilla going on the tube back in 2013
AFP via Getty Images
Charles and Camilla going on the tube back in 2013

King Charles and Queen Camilla have just recorded a message which will be played out across the whole of the Transport for London and Network Rail systems this weekend.

No, you’re not dreaming.

The royals – who famously don’t use public transport aside for special anniversaries or openings – will now be accompanying you as you try to navigate the hectic coronation crowds this weekend.

The message from the UK’s new sovereign begins: “My wife and I wish you and your families a wonderful coronation weekend.”

Camilla then chimes in: “Wherever you are travelling, we hope you have a safe and pleasant journey.”

Charles concludes with the classic saying associated with all London tubes: “And remember, please mind the gap.”

The message will play on both the Network Rail and TfL network for the next few days. So even if you’re not near central London where all the action is happening, you’ll probably still get a taste of it over the coming days.

And to think that the public transport seemed like our last safe haven...

Listen to the full clip below:

It’s worth remembering that the whole of Network Rail and TfL expect transport to be rather difficult this weekend (and not just because of the new announcements).

As Network Rail warned on its website: “It’s expected that hundreds of thousands of people will travel to London for the coronation ceremony on Saturday 6 May, so train services and stations in and around London will be very busy.”

But, there is some good news – the Night Tube and Night Overground services will both be running on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May in honour of the coronation.

Still – travel at your own risk of seriously frustrating delays.