Kirsty Wark Ambushes Shami Chakrabarti About Labour Peerage On Newsnight

Human rights campaigner offered House of Lords seat 'many times'

Article originally published 27/07/2016: due to a technical issue this article may have resurfaced for some readers, and the original publish date may not have been visible.

Rumours swirled around Westminster that Shami Chakrabarti, the human rights campaigner who chaired Labour’s antisemitism review, has been offered a seat in the House of Lords by Jeremy Corbyn.

In an interview with the Jewish YouTube channel J-TV, the former Liberty director added fuel to the fire by dodging the question - raising questions over her independence when conducting the controversial audit.

But it appeared incongruous when Chakrabarti was confronted by Kirsty Wark with the claim when on BBC 2’s Newsnight to discuss the latest terrorism-related tragedy in France.

The ambush, a device often used by journalists, played out awkwardly.

Kirsty Wark: Is there a peerage in the offing? It has been discussed a Labour peerage might be in the offing for you?

Shami Chakrabarti: I don’t know Kirsty, are you going to take one?

KW: I haven’t been offered one, have you?

SC: Many times

From Gordon Brown? Nick Clegg? Jeremy Corbyn? Maybe time will tell.



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