Kylie Jenner Releases Two Blue Lip Kit Shades: 'Freedom' And 'Skylie'

We're not sure we could pull these off tbh.

Kylie Jenner is back at it again with wild Lip Kit releases. It's not been long since her bold black shades went on sale, but she's already unleashed two new colours.

Introducing 'Freedom' and 'Skylar', two special edition blue shades due for release on Friday 4 July in honour of Independence Day.

Skylar is a light, and very bright, blue inspired by the colour of Jenner's custom Ferrari (oh, to be an 18-year-old millionaire).

And Freedom is a deep, bewitching navy.

Jenner updated fans on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, along with sharing swatches of the new shades on her Snapchat.

If you fancy rocking the new shades, be sure to set your alarms for 5pm on Friday when they officially drop.

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