Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Factory Responds To 'Sweat Shop' Allegations

The company has received negative reviews from ex-employees.

Kylie Jenner's perma-sold out Lip Kits have been a hit with fans, but the employees making them apparently aren't happy.

Radar reported that some workers at the California factory Spatz Laboratories (that produces Jenner's Lip Kits and Glosses) have described the working conditions as comparable to a "sweat shop".

The publication pulled the online reviews of Spatz Laboratories from, where people claiming to be former employees left negative reviews of the company.

One review, posted on 24 February 2016, described the "early morning shifts" and "long hours" workers were subjected to, noting that the staff "turn over rate was high". It also mentioned how "makeup particles" made the worker sick.

Another review, titled 'Sweat Shop', shed light on how little workers were paid, and described the environment as "uncomfortable".

One poster mentioned the "unclean work environment," while another added: "Oily floors. Dangerous place to work. Smells of gases. Dirty atmosphere."

However, Spatz Laboratories CEO Mary Beth Siddons told BuzzFeed that the allegations "are completely false and fabricated."

In an official statement (which you can read in full here) Siddons wrote: "Spatz Laboratories proactively works to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.

"We have implemented a number of initiatives to insure compliance to not only the law, but the standards set forth by cosmetic good manufacturing guidelines.

"These types of initiatives include but are not limited to safety committees and regularly conducted third party audits.

"As the business grows we make the proper improvements to support that growth because the health and wellness of our employees is a main priority."

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