16/03/2017 15:27 GMT | Updated 16/03/2017 15:31 GMT

Labour MP Asks Question In Commons Using British Sign Language

Labour MP Dawn Butler used sign language to ask a question in the House of Commons today. 

“I would like to sign my question,” She told the speaker.

“Will the minister agree the 18 of March marks the 14th anniversary since the UK Government recognised British Sign Language.

“Will the Minister agree [it is] time to bring and get British Sign Language (BSL) legal status like other recognised languages?”

BSL was recognised as minority language by the government in 2003. But it currently does not have any legal protection.

David Lliddington, the Conservative leader of the Commons, told Butler she had “eloquently reminded is of the importance of British Sign Language to a number of our fellow citizens who who live with deafness or severe hearing impairment”.

“The Department for Work and Pensions has underway a review of the provision of signing services in this country. They have had several hundred submissions during the course of that review and the secretary of state will be bringing forward conclusions in due course,” he told her.