house of commons

MPs praised Charlie King who called for "more transparency" in influencer culture.
The monarch will "reluctantly" not attend the ceremony amid health concerns, Buckingham Palace confirms.
Parliament is proroguing Thursday afternoon when MPs will return to their constituencies.
The prime minister's spokesman was asked about reports that a Tory MP had been spotted watching porn on their phone in the commons.
Some have been stripped of their parliamentary passes for breaching the Palace of Westminster's security cordon.
A survey asked almost 2,000 people to give their view of the prime minister in a few words.
He also told Labour MP Matt Western to wind up his question, adding: “I think the prime minister got the gist of it.”
Raab said staff in Downing Street were "working incredibly long hours, under incredible pressure, doing their very best".
"As expected cases have risen...we also know that some members of our community are at increased risk."
"Ukraine will keep fighting united as one" MPs say as they accuse Russia of using "medieval siege tactics" against their people.