house of commons

The former speaker hit back saying the investigation was a “travesty of justice” and described it as “amateurish”.
Works needed to save the Houses of Parliament could even last up to 76 years if MPs stay in the building.
“The House is currently working with our contractors, supply chain and the HSE following an incident of possible asbestos exposure on the estate," they said.
"You may be the prime minister of this country – but in this house, I’m in charge!”
It is the closest the prime minister has come to an apology over the sleaze scandal engulfing Westminster.
63 per cent of those MPs who employ relatives are from the Conservative party, followed by Labour on 26 per cent.
They have also been reminded about the strict rules on campaigning, with a source suggesting some might have been breaking orders.
Tory rebels have been denied a Commons vote designed to force the prime minister to maintain the 0.7% spending commitment.
Lord Frost appears to blame Brussels for trade barriers despite negotiating the deal to take the UK out of the single market.
Commons leader tells MPs "you would expect" people not to take photos of "private" acts taking place in public.