Labour MP Uses Macabre Child Murder Analogy To Explain Economic Policy

Tulip Siddiq made the bizarre comparison on live radio this morning
Tulip Siddiq made the comment on LBC.
Tulip Siddiq made the comment on LBC.
Nicola Tree via Getty Images

A Labour frontbencher left radio listeners baffled after she tried to explain her party’s economic policies and managed to mention child murder.

Tulip Siddiq, the shadow economic secretary to the Treasury, made the bizarre comment on LBC this morning.

Asked to explain Labour’s spending plans, she said: “It is a commitment depending on the fact it abides by our fiscal rules - everything has to depend on external circumstances.

“It’s like saying to your partner ‘I will marry you but if I suddenly find out you murdered a two-year-old last year, you might not want to’.

“I think that’s what we are saying. If there’s a global financial crisis we need to review our commitments that that time.”

Unsurprisingly, her macabre analogy was not with universal approval on social media.

Meanwhile, Siddiq also appeared to suggest that a Labour government could support a united Ireland.

As Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill prepares to officially become Northern Ireland’s first minister, she was asked by Kay Burley on Sky News: “Would the Labour Party, if they were the government of the day, be in any way supportive of a united Ireland?”

Siddiq replied: “Probably not.”


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