Labour Suspends Candidate Who Bet On Himself To Lose

Kevin Craig is standing for the party in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.
Kevin Craig
Kevin Craig

Labour has suspended a parliamentary candidate who bet on himself to lose in the general election.

The party dumped Kevin Craig, who is standing for Labour in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, after the Gambling Commission launched an investigation into him.

The Tories currently hold the seat with a majority of 23,391. It was previously held by former Tory Dan Poulter, who defected to Labour in April.

In a statement, Craig said: “Throughout my life I have enjoyed the odd bet for fun whether on politics or horses.

“A few weeks ago, when I thought I would never win this seat, I put a bet on the Tories to win here with the intention of giving any winnings to local charities.

“While I did not place this bet with any prior knowledge of the outcome, this was a huge mistake, for which I apologise unreservedly.

“I have so much respect for how Keir Starmer has changed the Labour Party and I have been fighting so hard to win this seat and change the country alongside him.

“However, it is right that the party upholds the highest standards for its Parliamentary candidates - just as the public expects the highest standards from any party hoping to serve in government. I deeply regret what I have done and will take the consequences of this stupid error of judgement on the chin.

“I am deeply sorry to the many dedicated and loyal local Labour Party volunteers who have been supporting my campaign. I will comply fully with the investigation.”

A Labour party spokesperson said: “With Keir Starmer as leader, the Labour party upholds the highest standards for our parliamentary candidates, as the public rightly expects from any party hoping to serve, which is why we have acted immediately in this case.”

The Tories are already embroiled in their own betting scandal amid allegations senior party figures placed bets on the date of the election.

Earlier today, the party dumped two of their own candidates - Craig Williams and Laura Saunders - over the affair.

Conservative campaign director Tony Lee - who is Saunders’ husband - and its chief data officer Nick Mason have both taken a leave of absence from their roles after also being accused of betting on the date of the election.

One of the prime minister’s close protection officers has also been arrested as part of the inquiry, and the Metropolitan Police confirmed today that the Gambling Commission has told them that five further officers also allegedly placed bets on the election date.


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