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The world outside of Westminster has continued to turn – even if it doesn't feel like it.
The prime minister has used the phrase repeatedly over the last 24 hours.
Despite a historic win for the Conservatives in this year’s election, the night saw a number of wins for equality, including record numbers of female and BAME MPs. There were small victories for LGBT+ MPs too, with gay Labour MP Luke Pollard ousting Ann Widdecombe from her seat, and Labour’s Lloyd Russell becoming the first elected MP to be publicly known to be living with HIV.
The general election result has brought some certainty to the value of the pound. But don't go celebrating just yet.
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The UK has been turning up to the polls for election day, which can only mean one thing - it's time for dogs at polling stations.
The Little Mix singer has endorsed Jeremy Corbyn, with other stars encouraging people get out and vote.
I hate talking about politics, and hate how much I talk about it. But my very existence is political and on the line, writes Zuva