The Internet Is Having A Lot Of Fun With Memes Of Lady Gaga's Chromatica II/911 Transition

Many iconic British TV moments have been given the Chromatica treatment.

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Every so often, Twitter throws up a trend that gets us absolutely howling, and the latest has seen fans getting very creative with a track on Lady Gaga’s latest album.

On her newest release, Chromatica, Gaga features a number of orchestral transitions between some of her tracks.

Fans have particularly fallen in love with ‘Chromatica II’, which bridges the gap between Fun Tonight and 911 in very dramatic fashion.

Since the album’s release last month, people have discovered that it actually lends itself very nicely to soundtracking some memorable (and often ridiculous) TV and film moments, and the results have been seriously inspired...

Many Coronation Street clips have received the Chromatica treatment, starting with Gail and Eileen scrapping on t’cobbles

Gail throwing a pie at Deirdre

Richard Hillman trying to kill the Platt family by driving them into a river

And the moment that tram came plunging off the viaduct

Infamous EastEnders moments have also been memed, including ‘bubbly’s in the fridge’

And Sharon getting cream poured all over her

One remix set to the scene of Mulan leaving home in the Disney classic could literally have been in the film

A Tomb Raider remix was as equally iconic

The transition was also a perfect fit to Alison Hammond sending a shirtless model plunging into the Albert Dock live on This Morning

And also to the moment her This Morning co-star Josie Gibson’s rollercoaster ride

Not to mention Ainsley Harriott entering a pensioner’s house with a frying pan, proclaiming, “Why, helllloooo, Jill!”

Gemma Collins’ infamous fall on Dancing On Ice is especially excellent

See also: Fearne Cotton shattering a revolving door

Wendy Williams was literally shook by the transition

The there was this nostalgic X Factor moment

And the transition was also set to this iconic runway transition on RuPaul’s Drag Race

And of course, no viral mash up would be complete without an honourable mention to David’s Dead from Celebrity Big Brother

There’s also been some incredible music mash ups too, including to Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

But perhaps the best of the lot belongs to this guy...

Morgan Kibby, one of the composer’s of the Chromatica II/911 transition recently spoke about the overwhelming reaction from fans in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

He said: “Chromatica II was the final piece we composed, and at that point it was clear to Gaga that it should fall right before 911, which was already complete. I remember this moment in the studio so clearly, because she lit up, and without any words I flipped the keyboard around, pulled up the string sound she was envisioning, and she started to play this amazing marcato idea. From there, we massaged it, and I focused on the harmonies and dynamics to make sure it amped the energy up.”

Morgan added: “Ultimately none of us had any idea people would embrace this small moment as such a highlight. It brings me so much joy that one of my favourite moments with her, personally, ended up being some of her fans’ favourites, musically.”

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