28/10/2016 12:22 BST | Updated 28/10/2016 12:43 BST

'Downton Abbey' Star Laura Carmichael Warns Fans Of Sweary Screen Role

No corsets in this one.

What would the Dowager say? 

Laura Carmichael, better known as ‘Downton Abbey’s late-blooming rose, Lady Edith, tells HuffPostUK that her new film role might surprise a few of her fans with its fruity language.

Laura stars in the new British independent film ‘Burn Burn Burn’, out today, was speaking at a BUILD LDN session when she admitted the role of troubled twenty-something Seph is far nearer the real her. 

She said: “It’s very different from Downton, and I’m sure that if people come to see it and they know me from Downton, it must be a weird thing. this is far nearer my life than that of playing Lady Edith.”

She went on: “As actors you’re always looking to move around a myriad of characters, it’s like stretching some different muscles - some sweary muscles, I have to say.”

Rather Good Films
Laura Carmichael and Chloe Pirrie star in 'Burn Burn Burn'

Laura co-stars with Chloe Pirrie and Susan Wokoma (’Crazyhead’, ‘Chewing Gum’) in the coming-of-age tale, inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel ‘On The Road’. It is the debut big screen feature of director Chanya Button, and follows two girls taking a road trip to follow the instructions of their close friend Dan, who has died and given them instructions where to scatter his ashes.

Although a sad tale, it is full of cracking, quirky humour. Laura describes it as a “tragi-comedy”, something Susan said “it’s what we Brits do best, put these two things side by side.”

‘Burn Burn Burn’ is out today in selected nationwide cinemas.