Laura Mvula Opens Up About Anxiety Disorder To Show Others They're 'Not Alone'

The singer first spoke about mental health last year.

Singer Laura Mvula has opened up about her mental health to reassure other sufferers that they are “not alone” in their struggle.

The 30-year-old, who revealed her anxiety disorder in an interview with The Guardian last year, took to Instagram to update fans about her progress coping with her mental health.

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

The ‘Green Garden’ singer posted a photo of Marble Arch London Underground platform with a caption entitled “Progress”.

“A while ago I was open about my struggle with an ongoing anxiety disorder I’ve had for years,” she wrote. “Travelling alone on the tube alone was a big no no but in the last couple of weeks I made a choice to do what had felt impossible for a long time. Here I am doing it!”

She urged anyone with anxiety to “take small steps”.

“Anything is possible! You’re not alone,” she advised.

Mvula joins a whole host of famous faces, such as Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding and Emma Stone opening up about their struggles with anxiety over the past few years.

Fans have thanked Mvula for her honesty and have been sharing their own experiences of anxiety in the comments.

One wrote: “I did exactly the same thing in December. I challenged myself and I went in a lift on my own and I went on the Underground on my own. Petrified. Heart thumping. Pulse racing. I did it!!! Not sure how quick I will be to repeat the experiences but little steps count. Well done!”

Another said: “I still struggle with this but appreciate the strength I get from hearing others push themselves too!”

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