16/08/2017 16:25 BST

Lauren Goodger Shocks Fans With A Beauty Hack She Swears By: Bananas

We'll stick to nicecream, thanks. x

Lauren Goodger recently shared her beauty secrets with fans and one of them has raised a few eyebrows.

The ex-TOWIE star said she swears by getting a ripe yellow banana and wiping it “all over your face and leav[ing] it on over night.”

Goodger claimed the DIY treatment helps with acne and kills bacteria, offering to add video tutorials to make the process easier for her fans to adopt.

However, lots of people on Twitter were quick to dispute her claims.

One follower’s response was simply: 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢

Another wrote: “I know you can make your own face masks using natural yogurt and honey etc but not heard of this lol”

But someone confirmed Goodger’s method by sharing that her daughter had a verruca and nothing worked despite all their efforts.

The poster continues: “Then I found an old wives’ tale about sticking a banana skin to it over night and what do you know it was gone within two days and painless.”

Yeah. We’re still with 🤔 .

Feeling like we needed the receipts, we searched around to see if anyone else had attempted to uncover this.

Refinery 29 gave it some consideration back in 2013, quoting a Dr. Benabio who stated that there’s “no evidence that banana peels or any other fruit peel will help fade acne marks.”

Elaborating on a fact that, deep down, we all know, the Dr said that often skin needs “a little something stronger,” namely in the form of “expensive chemical peels or prescription fading creams.” 

And it seems even Goodger believes in the power of a good pamper at the clinic: 

Sorry, Goodger, think we’ll stick to using all those bananas in smoothies.