Leave.EU Press Release Attacks Tory MP Anna Soubry's Appearance

Stay classy.

A major Brexit campaign group has said an MP has “a face like a smacked arse” after she called them out for bullying.

Leave.EU, the group that tried to be designated the official Brexit campaign group but lost out to Vote Leave, tweeted to say Tory pro-Remain Anna Soubry was “repulsive” and “needs to seek help”. She called this “bully boy tactics”.

In response, Leave.EU issued a press release attacking Soubry for her appearance - and misspelled two words in the same sentence.

“For too long now, her ilk have sneered at the concerns of ordinary people, she is meerly (sic) getting her cummupance (sic),” it said.

The group later amended to spell the relatively unchallenging words correctly.

The release called her “sulky Soubry” and said:

“We have no doubt she will continue to sit on the back benches, with a face like a smacked arse, doing her best to undermine Brexit.

“Like most Remain MPs who were backed into a corner yesterday, her support for Article 50 was more an act of political necessity than vote of confidence of Brexit.”

Politics.co.uk editor Ian Dunt noted the spelling errors and attack on Soubry’s appearance, saying: “They can’t spell. They can’t think. They have no basic decency. Their only intention is to stoke division.”

He added they were “little boys with no responsibility shouting their mouth off”.

Leave.EU was co-founded by millionaire Ukip donor Aaron Banks, who has previously defended Donald Trump’s “locker room talk”.

BuzzFeed journalist Jamie Ross compared the group’s attack on Soubry to the type made by anonymous low-follower Twitter accounts with the default egg as their picture.

One journalist said the press release was leave.EU “going full Trump”.

Elsewhere the group was called “fucking horrendous humans”.

Another tweeter said Leave.EU would have lost the referendum had they been designated the official Brexit campaign group.

Leave.EU’s attack on Soubry was triggered when they were upset at her for criticising the word ‘Remoaners’ being applied to those who are still pro-EU despite the June referendum result.

She was not among the 89 MPs who voted against Government plans to trigger the process of the EU on Wednesday.

She voted, along with most MPs, for a Labour motion obliging the Government to publish a “plan” before invoking Article 50, amended by the Tories to also say “this House should respect the wishes of the United Kingdom as expressed in the referendum”.


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