Last Minute Decision Making Could Cost You 'Nearly £450 A Year' – Here's Why

Men estimate they waste more money than women by delaying decisions.

People estimate they waste nearly £450 a year on average by leaving decisions until the last minute, a survey has found.

Leaving it until late to find gifts, not getting around to putting money into a savings account, and planning holidays at the last minute were common reasons for people wasting cash, Nationwide Building Society said.

Men estimate they waste more money than women by delaying decisions, at £571 per year on average versus £325 for women, the poll found.

Technology has a significant part to play in people putting actions off, the survey of 2,000 people suggests.

Checking phones, watching television and browsing social media were the top reasons why people said they procrastinate – delaying decisions in the process.

But looming deadlines and encouragement from others were common reasons why people leapt into action and made a decision.

The survey comes as Nationwide has launched a campaign called Payday Saveday to encourage people to consider saving every month.

Saving money and eating healthily came joint second as the actions people felt most guilty about delaying – with putting off exercising in first place.

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