14/07/2016 17:17 BST

Reese Witherspoon Tried On All Her Old 'Legally Blonde' Outfits

And they still look amazing.

Reese Witherspoon treated fans following her on Instagram or Snapchat to some serious throwback Thursday action.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘Legally Blonde’, the actress dipped back into the film’s wardrobe archive, and it’s making us come over all nostalgic.

Elle Woods, is that you?

To give us even more of the feels, Witherspoon recited some of her character’s most famous lines.

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed” is still a classic.

She also recreated iconic bits from the 2001 flick (like the famous pool scene from Wood’s Harvard application video, above) along with giving fans a glimpse at her favourite fashion pieces.

How could we forget that Halloween party outfit.

So much pink, so much fluffy!


Plus, never forget that Tiffany heart necklace.

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