16/09/2017 11:35 BST

Leomie Anderson Slams Designer Who Dropped Her From A Fashion Show 'Because She Is A Black Model'


Leomie Anderson has said she was dropped last minute from a fashion show because “the designer doesn’t feel like using more than one black girl.” 

The 24-year-old model on the rise took to Twitter during London Fashion Week to vent and expose the harsh reality of working as a model of colour in 2017.

And it’s only day two of LFW. 

Fred Duval via Getty Images

The tweet garnered over 500 likes and 340 retweets, for Anderson’s honesty. 

Anderson didn’t stop there, the tweets continue thus: 

Anderson had already been confirmed for the show. This means she’d successfully made the casting and was reserved to walk for this particular catwalk, for this particular (unnamed) designer. 

Ask any model, being dropped last minute is not only insulting, but hugely inconvenient. It’s a time slot stolen from another job they could have been completed. 

Add to this the racial aspect and stings all the more. 

But Anderson gets the last laugh, shining a spotlight on this sad situation.