'Les Misérables' On The BBC: Some Viewers Just Cannot Get Over The Lack Of Songs

"I've started singing every song whenever a line makes reference to one."

The BBC’s hotly-anticipated adaptation of ‘Les Misérables’ has been promoted by the channel quite a lot over the festive season, but that didn’t stop some viewers from being shocked by the absence of one thing.

Yes, we mean the songs.

Much like the oft-forgotten film version of ‘Les Misérables’, which features Liam Neeson and is best left forgotten (trust us, sorry Liam), the Beeb’s new version brings the book to our screens, not the musical.

Unfortunately, this move left some viewers disappointed. Among them was MP Anna Soubry...

These valid points were made too:

Sorry, Russ.

And some viewers found themselves humming the tracks from the stage show while tuning in, which is a good compromise to be honest:

Starring Dominic West, Lily Collins and David Oyelowo, the BBC’s big budget adaptation takes the form of a six-part series.

The first episode was well-received by critics and the drama continues on Sunday at 9pm.


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