David Oyelowo

The BBC drama about MI5 spies was one of the most popular and enduring dramas of the 00s.
In several recent sci-fi/fantasy films, Black women and girls are at the forefront as they try to defeat otherworldly obstacles.
"I've started singing every song whenever a line makes reference to one."
The six-part adaptation is the latest take on the famous story.
The Hollywood great criticised the casting of British actors in U.S. films like "Selma" and "Get Out".
In 1948, a black law student named Seretse Khama, who was also heir to the throne in Botswana, married a white English clerk
When I first saw the trailer to A United Kingdom, I felt a prickle on my skin, a gust of affiliation to this story promising to tell the triumph of an interracial relationship. I was bewitched by this film that showed a black man and a white woman in love, something of a given for me growing up in a mixed-race household...
David Oyelowo is ending 2015 on a high, following the news that he’s being awarded an OBE for Services To Drama, as part