Letsoalo Says Only The Minister Can Fire Him, Despite Prasa's Replacement CEO Announcement

Collins Letsoalo told the Prasa board that only the minister could fire him, but the board is not listening.
UIG via Getty Images

Collins Letsoalo, recently sacked from the position of acting CEO of the Passenger Rail Service of South Africa (Prasa), is reportedly not planning to leave his post.

Letsoalo was removed from the position on Monday after a Sunday Times report that he had increased his salary. Letsoalo maintained that he had not pressured anyone into the increase.

The Times reported on Wednesday that Letsoalo had sent an email to the Prasa board on Tuesday stating that it was only the minister of transport, who had seconded him to the position, who could remove him.

Prasa board chairperson Popo Molefe told The Times that he had chosen to ignore the email.

"... what Mr Letsoalo fails to understand is that it is a tri-alliance agreement. If one party does not agree to the agreement, then it does not happen. It's that simple and there's nothing to debate about it."

The Times was unable to reach Letsoalo for comment.

Meanwhile, Business Day reported on Wednesday that company secretary Lindikaye Zide would be acting CEO while it searched for a permanent replacement.

Molefe told The Times that the board would insist that the department of transport pay the difference in the salary increase received by Letsoalo.

"To say I am not disappointed would be a lie. I thought we had a dynamic young man who was actioned, whom I thought we could work with, whose ideas for a turnaround had started to crystallise," Molefe reportedly said.


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