'Liar' Final Episode 6: The Eight Burning Questions The Last Instalment Of Joanne Froggatt's ITV Drama Must Answer

Will Andrew finally get his comeuppance?

After five weeks of dark and intense drama, ITV’s hit thriller ‘Liar’ reaches its conclusion on Monday (16 October) night.

Viewers will be tuning in to see Andrew Earlham finally get his comeuppance for raping Laura Nielson and Vanessa Harmon, but as he’s already escaped justice many times, something tells us there are a few more twists in this tale yet to come.

However, bosses do have the important job of answering a series of burning questions that have been thrown up over the course of the six-part series, in order to provide a satisfying ending...

Does Tom have a dark side?

We’ve had our suspicious about Tom for a while now and there is something about him we just don’t trust. We also haven’t forgotten how uncomfortable it was when he forced himself upon Katy in her kitchen, which dropped the biggest hint yet he has a darker side to him.


How long was Katy and Tom’s affair going on?

Katy and Tom’s secret romance shattered Laura when it was uncovered last week, but the beginnings of their affair still seem a bit murky. Whether this is just a sub-plot that hasn’t been fully developed, we’re still not sure, but we believe this could still tie in with him being uncovered as a villain.

What happened between Andrew and his mum?

Andrew’s visit to his mother’s house last week was pretty chilling, especially when it was revealed he was hiding memory cards in her garden shed, having seemingly filmed all of his attacks.

But it was a conversation between him and Laura, on the subject of his mother, that raised questions about their relationship. When Laura suggested there was issues between them, his face suggested she’d hit a raw nerve, and we’re expecting to find out why tonight.


What was Mary’s mother hiding?

Cast your mind back to episode four when Laura travelled to Scotland to meet the mother of Andrew’s late wife. It was abundantly clear she was hiding something about Andrew, having passionately defended him from Laura’s accusations.

It became even more apparent that Mary’s mother was up to something later in the episode, when it was revealed she had intercepted Mary’s friend Katherine from helping Laura, after she admitted she too had been raped by Andrew.

Did Mary’s mother know he is a rapist, and if so, why is she covering it up?

What is the real story of Andrew’s wife?

In a hideously dark moment in episode five, Andrew claimed he had encouraged his wife to kill herself in 2006, having become increasingly tired of her mental health struggles.

While Mary knew Katherine and Andrew had slept together, it remains unclear if she had knowledge of her best friend’s claims that he raped her. Will tonight’s episode reveal whether she knew about her husband’s true colours prior to her death?


Why did Laura really withdraw her sexual harassment claim against Dennis?

‘Liar’ explored Laura’s past when her former boss Dennis arrived on the scene, to help Andrew in the wake of her allegations.

We later saw the headteacher inadvertently admit he had previously sexually assaulted Laura (something which Andrew was puzzlingly disgusted by), only for it to then be revealed she dropped the case against him amid a struggle with depression.

However, with so much emphasis put on Laura’s background in the early episodes, this pay-off felt under developed, leaving big questions about that case. If reports of a second series, serving as a prequel to this one, are to be believed, perhaps that is something that will be explored there, rather than in the finale.

Is Andrew setting up the attacks for someone else to sexually abuse these women?

This is among the biggest theories about the series, which suggest Andrew is working with an accomplice.

At the end of last week’s episode, he seemed chillingly confident when he told DI Harmon she would never be able to find evidence to support the fact he raped her - is that because it wouldn’t be his DNA found on her, but someone else’s?

Could it be that someone else is actually raping these women, with Andrew acting as a facilitator? If so, it could all point to Tom being somehow involved in all of this, as we’ve long suspected.


How will Laura and DI Harmon finally nail Andrew for his crimes?

Something tells us the stuff he has been storing in his mother’s shed could prove to be his undoing, and we all know how much people love to break into other people’s houses on this show, so our bets are on Laura finding those memory cards.

‘Liar’ concludes tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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