Liar Episode 3 Answers 1 Big Question – But Raises 5 More

One suspect in Andrew Earlham's murder was crossed off the list.

Last week’s Liar had viewers on the edge of their seats when it looked like Carl Peterson could have been the one responsible for Andrew Earlham’s murder.

However, as we should probably know by now, nothing is ever that simple on TV thrillers, and Monday’s latest instalment threw us a few curveballs.

The first half of the episode was spent exploring the series of events after Carl found Andrew hiding out on the boat he later burned.

It was revealed that Carl attacked Andrew before tying him up and dumping him out at sea to die, as revenge for raping his wife Winnie.


But we saw how Andrew had survived, freeing himself with a trusty scalpel he had in his pocket from his earlier visit to the hospital.

While Carl had remained in the dark about his survival – believing he was responsible for Andrew’s death – Laura was able to absolve him of guilt due to the timeline not checking out, as Andrew had come to visit her in the days after he’d supposedly drowned.

But while Carl was eliminated as a suspect, there were still plenty of other questions that need to be answered...

What is Jen hiding?


DI Harmon’s wife was complicit in covering up Carl’s attack on Andrew, and while he’s seemingly off the hook, there’s something more to her story.

We still haven’t forgotten that she wasn’t at home at the time of Andrew’s murder. Is that the real reason she didn’t come forward with information when Laura was arrested?

What were DS Maxwell and his son arguing about?

As DI Renton arrived at DS Maxwell’s house to inform him of a new lead in the case against Laura, he was having a blazing row with his son, who is also a copper.

We know that the son was hiding something from last week’s episode, so was their argument connected to this, and could the secret related to the case?

Has Andrew killed himself to make Laura pay?


One of the most popular theories about Andrew’s death is that he killed himself and framed Laura.

We already knew he was obsessed with the idea of always winning, but the theory was given more rationale when he told Laura in tonight’s episode: “You stole my life, so now I’m going to steal yours.”

You could say that fitting her up for murder would certainly be a way to do that. Which brings us to...

Did Laura really even visit that container?

An investigation on Laura’s car prompted her sat nav history to be searched, with her last journey proving to be one of interest for the police, leading them to a shipping container.

However, could the same person who planted Andrew’s car key in her bedside table have inputted the destination on her sat nav in a bid to frame her?

What was in the container?

During their visit to the shipping container, Renton and Maxwell discovered something deeply shocking that is clearly connected to the case.

Given the smile on Renton’s face, we’re guessing it is evidence that will implicate Laura in Andrew’s murder – but what was it, and will Laura find a way to prove she had nothing to do with it? That is unless, she actually did...

Liar continues next Monday at 9pm on ITV.


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