11 Things To Do Now That GBBO Has Left Our Lives

Gone but never forgotten.

It’s official, Candice has been crowned winner of GBBO 2016 - airing for the last time on BBC - and a nation that bonded over a shared love of shop-bought Jaffa Cakes weeps.

Here are 11 things you really need to start doing to fill the soggy-bottom-hole that has been left in your boring life.

1. Like the ex you can’t stop Facebook stalking, revisit the final on iPlayer over and over again.

Try and cry a little less every time.

2. Bake to fill the void but realise that watching other people never translates to ability.

Backseat baking is easier than actually doing, who knew?

3. Eat disgusting amounts of cake to numb the pain.

Sugar will never leave us for Channel 4.

4. Book flights to Aiya Napa with Val.

Obviously forget to invite Paul Hollywood.

5. Raid MAC and buy all the bright lipsticks you can get your hands on.

The spirit of a pouting Candice will never die.

6. Redraft your marriage proposal to Selasi.

To be piped in icing.

7. Ask Mary Berry to adopt you as her own.

Or at least give you her cast-off bomber jackets from series two.

8. Consider moving your kitchen into a marquee in the garden.

Just for old times sake.

9. Reminisce about the scandal to end all scandals.

The Baked Alaska that defined a nation.

10. Raise a glass to the squirrel that changed all our lives.

Gone but never forgotten.

11. And just be grateful we knew life with Mel and Sue.

What a time to be alive.

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