Lily Allen Opens Up About Rift With Father Keith: 'We Haven’t Connected For A While'

The father and daughter previously crossed words over a story she published about him in her 2018 autobiography.

Lily Allen has admitted she has not “connected” with her father Keith “for a while”.

The singer opened up about their strained relationship in an interview with The Telegraph after she was asked how he felt about his daughter making her West End debut in 2:22 – A Ghost Story.

Actor Keith has appeared in a plethora of TV shows and films, including ITV’s The Pembrokeshire Murders and the BBC’s Robin Hood.

Lily Allen with her father Keith Allen
Lily Allen with her father Keith Allen
Richard Lewis via Getty Images

“I haven’t really spoken to him, to be honest, for a while,” Lily said.

“The last time I texted him was on Father’s Day and he texted back saying ‘Thank you’. We haven’t connected for a while.”

Back in late 2018, Lily admitted she and her dad hadn’t spoken in two months after she published a story about him in her autobiography and he disputed the truth of it.

In her book, My Thoughts Exactly, she claimed her dad had a “cocaine-induced heart attack” at Glastonbury when she was 13 years old.

She later revealed he had sent her “quite a cross text”, claiming her version of events was not true, and that he actually had “acute food poisoning”.

Father and daughter pictured in 2008
Father and daughter pictured in 2008
Dave Hogan via Getty Images

She told Radio 4 at the time: “I didn’t put anything in there to embarrass or humiliate or to shame anybody. I only put something in there if I felt it was significant in that it makes me make a bit more sense to people.”

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show to promote her book, she revealed how unhappy Keith had been.

She told the host: “He texted me, ‘Err cocaine induced heart attack at Glastonbury? Wow.’ And I said, ‘Sorry that’s what I thought…’

“I said, ‘I’m really sorry if I got that wrong but that’s how I remembered it and you never explained it to me in any other way so that’s what I wrote’ and he said, ‘Well that’s not true.’

“And I said, ‘I’m really really sorry if I got that wrong.’”


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