24/05/2018 10:51 BST

Lily Allen Refuses To Be Shamed After 'Upskirting' Photos Are Tweeted To Her

In fact, she's using the pics to her advantage.

Lily Allen has proved she won’t be made to feel ashamed of herself, after having “upskirting” photos tweeted to her by her detractors.

On Wednesday night (23 May), one Twitter user posted an intimate picture of the singer, taken by a photographer during one of her concerts, remarking: “This photo will be on the internet forever Lils.”

Tibrina Hobson via Getty Images
Lily Allen

Lily had a brilliant response ready though and, refusing to be embarrassed by the photo, she responded: “LOOK AT MY 2014 NEATLY TRIMMED VAGINA, 3 HUMANS CAME OUT OF THERE.”


She also seized the opportunity for a spot of promo, reminding fans that her next album, the appropriately and brilliantly titled ‘No Shame’, will be coming out on 8 June.

While the above tweet to Lily was posted in January, someone immediately responded to Lily’s picture with yet another upskirt photograph, which she once again used to remind music fans that her album would be out in the coming weeks.


Speaking about why she decided to call her new album ‘No Shame’, Lily told GQ earlier this month: “I feel like I’m under attack all of the time… I’ve been photographed onstage and my boob’s fallen out, and they will always frame it as ‘Lily Suffers Embarrassing Nip Slip.’ It’s just like, ‘Hang on a second.’

“Embarrassment is a feeling, and the only person that can tell you whether something is embarrassing or not is me. Stop owning my feelings and presenting that as fact.

‘No Shame’ was trailed by lead single ‘Trigger Bang’, which Lily rush-released at the tail-end of last year, after it leaked online.

The song features rapper Giggs, and discusses Lily’s history of substance abuse and sobriety.

Take a listen below: