Lily Gladstone Says Harrison Ford Was A Real Hero In Golden Globes Bathroom Moment

The Killers of the Flower Moon star got the full Han Solo experience from Ford when nature called.

Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone said screen legend Harrison Ford was as chivalrous as his “Star Wars persona when she had to use the bathroom at the Golden Globes. (Watch the video below.)

Gladstone won the Best Actress in a Motion Picture — Drama award to become the Globes’ first Indigenous actor recipient. But she still had to deal with less-historic concerns like nature calling during the ceremony.

Ford, who sat near her, sprang into action.

“He was the best,” Gladstone told host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday. “When I needed to go to the bathroom, he got up Han Solo-style and ran up to the camera guy, ‘Where’s the bathroom? What’s the order? When is she up?’”

Gladstone’s impersonation of Ford’s gruff voice was dead on.

Ford was a huge factor in Gladstone’s life before they met, she said.

“I told him that Return of the Jedi was the reason that I wanted to act. And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, me too.’”

Gladstone said she loved the Ewoks as a kid, and her parents reminded her that actors played the furry Star Wars creatures.

“So I thought, ‘OK, if I wanna be an Ewok, I have to be an actor,’” she said.

It all worked out on Sunday. Gladstone got an award and a helping hand from a real-life Hollywood hero.

Fast-forward to 2:54 for Gladstone’s full Ford experience:


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