'Line Of Duty' Has New Star In Daniel Mays: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Would you agree after the first episode of Series 3 that 'Line of Duty' is in safe hands with Daniel Mays?

Those fearing that the stand-out performances from Lennie James and Keeley Hawes in previous series could not be bettered, will be breathing a sigh of relief after tonight's debut of AC12's latest antagonist, Sergeant Danny Waldron.

<strong>Daniel Mays is properly unsettling as Sergeant Danny Waldron in 'Line of Duty'</strong>
Daniel Mays is properly unsettling as Sergeant Danny Waldron in 'Line of Duty'

Within minutes of the raid gone wrong at the beginning, it was clear that, in Daniel's character Sergeant Waldron - intelligent, well-informed but ruthless and on a secret mission of all his own - writer Jed Mercurio's anti-corruption unit had a subject of investigation to match any gone before.

From his relentless treatment of his own team, to his solitary dealings with one of the names on his ominous piece of paper, Danny Waldron was clearly going to take some managing - and that was before the spectacular final twist at hte end of Episode 1 turned this series on its head ALREADY.

With the ink of Mercurio once again flowing at this impeccable high level, and with a central performance of this stature, this series may turn out to be the best yet.

Daniel was brought up in Essex with his three brothers by his electrician father and cashier mother. He learned his craft at the Italia Conti Academy and then RADA.
If you thought you recognised Daniel Mays, it could have been from a bit part in ‘EastEnders’ in 2000, when he played Kevin, the ex-boyfriend of Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).
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… or it could have a been a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him part in blockbuster ‘Pearl Harbor’ (2001) when he played a pilot.
Mike Leigh, who has an eye for a rising star, championed Daniel, first in ‘All or Nothing’ (2002), and then in 2004’s ‘Vera Drake’.
He also appears in the third and final series of 'Ashes to Ashes' on BBC1 as Discipline and Complaints Officer, DCI Jim Keats (who is actually the devil disguised as a police officer).
Daniel has joined the long list of luminaries to appear in ‘Doctor Who’, appearing as PAS Officer Cass Cromwell in ‘Night Terrors’ in Series 6, which aired on BBC One in September 2011.
Royal Court Theatre
Some of his best work has been away from the screen, with six starring roles on stage at London’s Royal Court.
His biggest role prior to ‘Line of Duty’ was as Ronald Biggs in the the ITV drama ‘Mrs Biggs’, where he shared the screen with Sheridan Smith.
Daniel lives in North London and is a supporter of Leyton Orient football team. He has one son.

of Duty' continues on BBC One. Catch up with Episode 1 on BBCiPlayer.