'Line Of Duty' Episode 3 Review: Writer Jed Mercurio's Just Warming Up

Nobody is beyond suspicion at this point in the series.

We've reached the halfway point of this third series of the country's most suspenseful police drama, and everyone, it seems, has turned on everyone else.

After last week's double cop death, it was a deceptively calm episode, for the first 45 minutes at least - with DS Arnott digging into the past, and Danny Waldon's dodgy squad continuing to tie themselves in knots passing the blame potato around in the present.

Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) is more alone than he realises in 'Line of Duty'
Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) is more alone than he realises in 'Line of Duty'

That all changed when the deceptively lopey Dot Cotton saw the field was clear to throw the blame squarely onto dimwit copper Hari Baines, and get himself a big old handshake while he was it from Hastings, a man who can say 'police officeeerrr' like no other.

And that seemed to be that, except it turned out tireless writer Jed Mercurio was just warming up. With Keeley Hawes' dead-eyed Lindsay Denton walking free from court with a gesture of forgiveness for Steve accompanied by a look to make a child cry, why was Dot's phone - sorry, make that all three of them plus a landline - suddenly ringing off the hook? Looks like the Caddy has a few more rounds to play after all.

As there's bound to be a twist in this story, have you spotted it yet? Share your thoughts below...


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