02/04/2017 22:21 BST | Updated 02/04/2017 22:21 BST

'Line Of Duty' Series 4 Episode 2 Review: 12 Questions We Have For AC-12

How DID she do it?

“Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence...” And PAUSE on the remote control, while we all struggle to keep up with Jed Mercurio’s almost comically complicated script in ‘Line of Duty’ Episode 2. 

Following last week’s spine-tingling cliff-hanger, Roz Huntley made a shocking return to her very normal daily office life, not a plait out of place. All of which raises many a question, including but not limited to the following... 

Roz Huntley and Tim Ifield

1. Err, ok, how did Roz Huntley survive hacking a chainsaw up against her face, with only a sore wrist to show for her pains?  

2. And what did happen to Tim Ifield? Presumably nothing good, judging by the scene Steve found in his flat, and Huntley having both his laptop and a creepy source of his blood supply, but again... how did she manage it?

Roz Huntley and ACC Derek Hilton 

3. Is there a reason the ACC Derek Hilton is saying his lines in such a strange, almost deliberately reading-them way? And I admit, my pal pointing out to me this week that it’s actor Paul Higgins, aka Jamie from ‘The Thick of It’ has only thrown me further. He’s a brilliant actor. What’s going on? 


4. Why didn’t Huntley confirm whether or not Farmer could drive before arresting him? If AC-12 is right and she was itching for an arrest, what is Huntley’s motivation?

5. Why didn’t Tim Ifield forward to Huntley the balaclava picture with the estimated foot sizes bio-metrics, before whistleblowing it to AC-12? No wonder she was caught on the hoof. 

6. “Follow ups by AC-12 established Michael Farmer was in hospital during…” That was direct from Kate Fleming’s interview with him in prison. Hasn’t Steve Arnott just blown Kate’s cover with Huntley’s team?

7. Ok, things just got complicated with the new investigation chief Buckles being someone who recognises an AC-12 officer when he sees one. Writer Jed Mercurio must have added this complication for a reason… 

8.  Why was Fleming being so hostile to Arnott at the Ifield crime scene? Yes, she was making a point in front of Huntley, but it was almost as though they publicly knew each other… 

Tim Ifield Murder Scene

9. Oh, that Ifield crime scene... Surely, the subject of an AC-12 investigation shouldn’t be at the crime scene when the victim is a whistleblower of that same investigation? 

Superintendent Hastings 

10. Refusing to have a drink with Kate Fleming, happy to share a beer with Steve Arnott, being caught out using old-school casual sexist language with Huntley… is Superintendent Hastings being set up for a fall? 

11. How GOOD is Adrian Dunbar in the role? Just saying...

Roz Huntley and the ACC again

12. All those deep breaths and the puddles of tears… are we meant to sympathise with Roz Huntley, that she’s caught in a rabbit hole of deception, even landing the Leoni Collisdale murder and possibly even the Hannah abduction on Ifield, just because she originally wanted to make her arrest stick? Poor love. It’s all to do with her relationship with her ACC, I’m sure of it… what’s not being said?

Catch up with ‘Line of Duty’ on BBCiPlayer. Any ideas of where this plot is going, please tweet your ideas to @FrostReporter, and I’ll be sure to include. 

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